For over 20 years Green Beans has been the unofficial coffee of the US military- we’re proud to serve Troops on-base in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

In 2008 we created Cup of Joe For a Joe: an online platform enabling an American stateside to buy a cup of coffee for a Service Member deployed far from home in real time, and even exchange messages with them. Today we’ve delivered almost 2 million cups of coffee and heartfelt messages to Troops at more than 40 bases in combat zones around the world.

Now with our new Cup of Joe For a Joe Fundraising Program, it‘s easy for your school, church, club, sports team, Scouting group or veterans’ association to earn money for your group and support a great cause: American Service Members!

Our Fundraising Program makes it simple to hold contactless virtual fundraising events on Facebook, and quickly and easily promote them to friends and family, maximizing participation in your fundraiser. It’s quick to set up and proven to generate revenue- your group earns $2.50 for every $5.00 Cup of Joe purchased during your fundraiser!

Fill out the form below and our COJ Event Coordinator will contact you!