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Green Beans Coffee began with a single café serving handcrafted artisan coffee drinks to American service members deployed to the Middle East in 1997. Founded by two brothers from California working overseas, their goal was to create a sanctuary for the troops serving in the active conflict zone. A place they could step inside and unwind in same warm café atmosphere they had enjoyed Stateside, with friendly baristas, premium coffee roasted in the USA, and handcrafted drinks. The Green Beans Coffee mission became about offering “15 minutes of home” to the troops.

Today, Green Beans Coffee offers another kind of sanctuary: an elevated café experience for travelers, flight crews and employees in airports across America. The Green Beans Coffee airport experience is distinguished by speed of service that never slows down a traveler in a hurry; drinks and meals that are consistently delicious whether you enjoy them in San Francisco, Nashville, or Qatar; and cafés that offer a sanctuary during your journey, wherever your travels take you. We handcraft 20,000 cups of coffee every day and we’re just as proud to serve them to guests stateside as we are to serve America’s troops in active conflict zones, where no one else will.

Through the years, Green Beans Coffee’s mission has pushed us to act beyond the café, like when we launched the Cup of Joe For a Joe program in 2008; a platform that anyone stateside could use to buy a cup of coffee for a random service member deployed overseas in real time, at one of our cafés on base. The program has delivered almost 2 millions cups of coffee to date, and even allows participants to exchange messages. Green Beans Coffee will always stand by our service members and their families, from deployment to discharge, and beyond.

Beginning in late 2022, Green Beans Coffee launched Random Acts of Coffee; another way to bring our customer experience out of the café and into the concourse, by surprising random travelers, employees, and flight crews with their favorite coffee drinks. The program quickly went viral at SFO and we’re looking forward to surprising travelers at DFW, Nashville, and more airports soon!