About Green Beans Coffee Company


Green Beans Coffee Company was founded in the Bay Area 20 years ago this year by brothers Jason and Jon Araghi. Over the two decades that would follow, Green Beans Coffee Company has truly become a local Bay Area company with a global impact.

Green Beans Coffee was born in an effort to fill an almost impossible niche: offering the comforts of home to hundreds of thousands of men and women of the US and coalition military forces in war zones in the Middle East, Africa, Germany, Southwestern Asia and Japan. Opening European-style cafés to provide "15 Minutes of Home" to Service Members presented unique obstacles no other company could overcome. Seemingly insurmountable challenges with supply chain, build-outs and staffing in some of the most inhospitable conditions on Earth were met and overcome on a daily basis through determination and lateral thinking. Jason Araghi has long held the belief that failure isn't an option, and under his leadership Green Beans experienced strong growth very early on.



Green Beans' loyalty to the US Military and willingness to go wherever US Armed Forces go has in turn earned them a special place in the hearts of American Service Members. Ask anyone who's served and they'll tell you the US military doesn't drink Starbucks on deployment, they drink Green Beans. Brand awareness in the military community is so strong that Hollywood has begun including Green Beans cafés and collateral in shots scenes where the American soldiers are present and authenticity is a must, like the upcoming film Annihilation and the network series Army Wives.



When Service Members returned home to the US they brought their loyalty- and demand- for Green Beans premium coffee products, beverage offerings and fresh-baked treats with them. Seeing an opportunity to expand domestically, Green Beans Coffee Company answered the call yet again by opening full-service cafés on US military bases stateside. It was at these cafés Green Beans launched what would become its gourmet meal offerings, salads, breakfast and fresh-baked treat assortments.



Green Beans Coffee Company moved to enter the civilian market with cafés at international airport locations including Pittsburgh, Newark, San Francisco, Nashville, San Antonio and many others, including recent openings at Ronald Reagan International and Baltimore-Washington International. Offering expanded gourmet meal options and breakfast fresh-baked all day to complement its already famous coffees, teas, cold-brew coffee and blended drinks, the airport locations have brought to the fore the key differentiators unique to our brand: gourmet food and drink offerings at competitive pricing, brisk speed of service, fresh, local ingredients, strong leadership, complete employee training and product innovation.



Never a company to forget its roots, and recognizing the social responsibility incumbent upon it as an industry leader, Green Beans Coffee Company developed and deployed the program that would allow Americans stateside to send active-duty Service Members far from home a cup of coffee and a personal note- and allow those Service Members to write back: Cup of Joe For a Joe™. COJ as the program is commonly known, has, to date, delivered over 1.5 million cups of coffee to deployed Service Men and Women, but more importantly, it's allowed Americans a way to thank the people sacrificing so much to protect them on a person-to-person basis. The program has been so successful at connecting people- over 750,000 fans on Facebook alone- it's even resulted in a marriage.



2016 was an incredible year for the company; GBCC forged partnerships to license a brand new coffee concept in emerging markets in Turkey and the Middle East, and launched its canned coffee products worldwide, as well as nurtured its growing number of franchisees, including its special relationships with Veteran-owned Green Beans Coffee locations here in the US.



2017 is also off to a great start: Green Beans Coffee Company and NBA All-Star Hakeem Olajuwon have partnered for a new street-side location near Houston, Texas to open in mid-February, and our new franchise locations in Turkey are set to open shortly thereafter. 2017 has seen refinements in training, staffing, branding and collateral deployment to further streamline operations, encourage staff happiness and loyalty, and grow mind-share in the US fast-casual market.