What is Cup Of Joe For A Joe?
We launched the Cup Of Joe For A Joe program in 2008 as an online platform that a person anywhere in the US could use to connect with a soldier deployed overseas, by buying their next cup of coffee in real time, at one of our cafes there. Cup Of Joe For A Joe even allows purchasers to exchange messages with the Service

Member who receives their COJ.

Since early 2008, Cup Of Joe For A Joe has been a wonderful way for Americans everywhere to say thanks to our Troops and let them know they're appreciated through the simple act of buying them a cup of freshly brewed coffee and writing a personal message of encouragement to go with it.

How does COJ work?
The COJs are randomly distributed to the Service Members who sign up to participate in Cup Of Joe For A Joe. The Cup Of Joe program uses an algorithm to distribute the COJs and it's designed to spread out the Cup Of Joe gifts to as many Troops in as many countries as possible.

Can I send coffee to a specific Service Member?
No. Because the Cup of Joe For a Joe program randomly allocates COJs purchased, there isn’t a way to specify who will receive your Cup of Joe. 

However, if you know a specific Service Member deployed overseas and would like to send them a gift, you can give them a Green Beans International Coffee Card by clicking here. Generally, the Coffee Cards are ready for pick-up by your recipient within a few hours of when you place your order and we give you the option to include a gift message (just like with Cup of Joe) when you purchase your Coffee Card. To send a Coffee Card, you will need to order online at our website, provide your recipient's email address and also designate the overseas base where they are deployed.

How can I become a pen-pal with a Troop overseas?
When you contribute to Cup Of Joe For A Joe, there's a small check box which asks if we may include your email address to the Service Member(s) who receive your gift(s). Checking the box means when we deliver your letter, we'll include your email address, indicate that you're willing to be a pen pal and ask the Cup Of Joe recipient if they would like to be a pen pal as well. If they opt to do so, we'll send their email address back to you so that you can begin your correspondence directly with the Soldier, Airman, Marine, Sailor or Coast Guardsman who received your gift.

Can COJs be used toward something other than coffee?
Yes! When the Troops receive a COJ they can use it to receive a cup of coffee or tea (hot or iced), or as a credit against any other food or beverage product that is offered in the Green Beans Coffee cafes. We also serve specialty beverages, smoothies, frappes, and frozen drinks, fresh-baked muffins and pastries. Each Cup Of Joe is valued at $2.50.

How long does it take for the Troops to receive my COJ gift?
As soon as you purchase your COJs we send the Service Member an email along with your message letting them know that your COJ gift is waiting for them. Sometimes it only takes a day or so for them to receive the COJ and respond to your message, however it is very common for it to take much longer, especially if they are on a mission. 

I sent a COJ but I have not received a message back from the recipient.
Not every recipient who receives a Cup of Joe will respond back with a personal note, but the good news is that most do! Regardless of whether your COJ recipient responds, or has the time to do so personally, we will always send you an email each time one of your Cups of Joe is delivered and we'll also tell you where the Troop who received your gift is.

To ensure delivery of the Troops' messages to your email in-box, we suggest that you add Green Beans Coffee ( to your email address book.

When I contribute to Cup of Joe, how many Troops will get a gift from me?
Each Cup of Joe is valued at $2.50. Therefore, every $2.50 contribution provides a Cup of Joe to a different Service Member. For example, if you contribute $25 to Cup of Joe, you will send a COJ to 10 different Troops.

I have purchased Cup Of Joe For A Joe, how else can I get involved?
Follow Cup of Joe For a Joe on Facebook and Instagram and join the conversation! Also, consider contributing to Cup Of Joe For A Joe again!

Does Green Beans Coffee Co. have any locations in the U.S.?
Yes! Green Beans Coffee has many locations across the US on military bases, in airports and in cities and communities. You can find a full list of Green Beans cafe locations here.

How can I get Green Beans coffee here at home?
Please visit our Amazon store to purchase our premium coffees and Spiced Chai. Green Beans Coffee believes in supporting America’s service members and their families from deployment to discharge and beyond. Everytime you purchase Green Beans Coffee from our Amazon store we donate coffee to veterans in need.

Do I need to sign up in order to send a Cup Of Joe?
Sending a Cup of Joe and message to a deployed Service Member overseas is easy and DOES NOT require you to signup on our website to do so, however it is easier to keep track of the email responses you receive from recipients of your COJ is you create an account on our website.

Is my COJ gift to the Troops tax deductible?
Cups of Joe are considered purchases vs donations, and as Green Beans Coffee Company is not a tax-exempt organization they are not deductible for tax purposes.

Can I contribute to Cup of Joe by sending a check?
Yes! Checks can be made out to GREEN BEANS COFFEE COMPANY and mailed to our Corporate Office for processing. Once your check is received, your contribution will be entered into the system. Along with your check you MUST include your email address. When the Troops receive your COJ gifts they are given the chance to respond back with a personal note. Their messages and the notifications from Green Beans regarding your COJs are delivered to your email in-box. To ensure delivery of the Troops' messages to your email in-box, we suggest that you add Green Beans Coffee

( to your email address book or white list.

Checks can be mailed to the following address:
Green Beans Coffee Company
4304 Redwood Hwy #200
San Rafael, CA 94903

Can I respond to the messages I receive from the Troops?
You can only respond to the Troops that receive your COJs if their email address is provided in the email notification you receive from Green Beans Coffee. When the Troops receive your COJs, they’re asked if they would like to be a pen-pal. If they opt-in, their email address is sent back to you along with their message. 


How do I change my account information?
Login to your account by clicking the tab on the right of the website, or click here. You will be taken to your My Account page. To change your address, click View Addresses and edit, delete or add a new address. Please contact us to change your email address or phone number on file. No credit card info is stored.

I have forgotten my password.
Click the tab on the right of the website, or click here and click Forgot Password. You will be sent an email with a link to reset your password.

Can I change the original message I wrote for my COJ recurring order?
Unfortunately at this time we do not have the ability to change your COJ message, however we are planning to add this feature in the future.

How do I make changes or cancel my COJ subscription?
Login to your My Account page and click Manage Subscriptions. You can edit your subscription information or cancel your subscription there.

Is there a way to opt out of being a service member pen pal? Can I opt in to being a pen pal with a service member if I did not opt in at first?
Once your order has been placed we cannot change the opt-in status for being a service member pen pal. 

Where can I see the information in my subscription order?
Login to your My Account page and click Manage Subscriptions. You can see your subscription information there.

How do I opt out of marketing emails?
Every email we send has a link at the bottom to unsubscribe. Simply click this link and you will no longer receive marketing emails.


Why do I have to put in my address to order a coffee card?
Your address is used as part of your billing information to verify your credit or debit card.

I chose the wrong pickup base, how can I change the base I pick up the Coffee Card at?
Please contact us and we can get your coffee card order to the correct location.

How do I get my coffee card after I purchase one?
You will receive an email once you purchase your coffee card online. Simply show the email to the barista at the Green Beans Coffee location in the email and they will give you your coffee card.

Can I add more money to my coffee card?
Coffee cards cannot be recharged with additional funds at this time, however we add 10% value to all cards purchased online.

I purchased a coffee card for a family member but they never received it, how can I find out what happened?
Please contact us and we can look into your order.

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