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Coffee Card
Corporate and Group Giving
Green Beans can facilitate distribution of Coffee Cards purchased in quantity by companies or groups that want to express their support for our troops. For answers about our Coffee Cards or quantity gifting, please send your inquiry to or feel free to contact us by phone at (415) 461-4023.

Green Beans offers prepaid Coffee Cards, available exclusively through online purchase for use at any Green Beans café worldwide.

Green Beans Coffee Cards are a fast and convenient means of sending a well-appreciated gift to a loved one. Our Coffee Cards are easy to carry, never expire and upon purchase are almost instantly available for pick-up by the recipient at the Green Beans café of his or her choice.

For each Coffee Card purchase, Green Beans will contribute an ADDITIONAL 10% IN DOLLAR VALUE to your Coffee Card's face value. Cards are available in any denomination starting at $20.

Coffee Cards are for a specific recipient whom you know, and requires an email address for them.

How to Order Coffee Cards - 3 Easy Steps

To begin, choose the base location where your recipient will pick up the Coffee Card and then select a Coffee Card value:


Step 1 | Select a pickup location

Pickup Base location:


Step 2 | Select a desired amount

Card Value: $22.00

Step 3 | Click to order

Coffee Cards may be used for purchases at any Green Beans Coffee location worldwide. Coffee Cards have no cash value and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Coffee Cards cannot carry a remaining balance greater than the beginning issue amount. Coffee Cards cannot be exchanged for cash.