Here's How
Challenge Coin

Say Thanks To 20 of
Our Troops and We'll Send You a Special, Limited Edition
Challenge Coin!*

Challenge Coins, a vital part of American military life since WWI, are revered in every branch of the armed services. These coins, each with symbols and mottos unique to a particular unit, are tangible sources of pride for our Troops.

These coins are carried at all times and custom holds that wherever warriors gather, they challenge each other by slamming their coin onto a bar; he who shows his coin last or is unable to produce a coin must buy a round of drinks!

Traditionally, these coins are palmed from one Troop to another to show respect, recognize outstanding service or acknowledge performance of duty.

In recognition of your selfless support of our Troops, we've commissioned this Limited Edition Challenge Coin that we want to palm to you when you say thanks through Cup Of Joe.

Earn your own coin! Carry it with you, show it to your friends and challenge them to buy the next round of COJs!

A portion of our proceeds is donated to charities that help military families and children of the fallen.

*Earn a challenge coin for every contribution of $40.00 or more, limit one coin per order, offer open to US. residents only including APO addresses.